The Hotel Pennsylvania was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1919 and was operated by Ellsworth Statler.
It was designed by the firm of McKim, Mead & White, which also designed the original columned version of Penn Station located across the street.


The "Formal Dining Room" is now a shadow of its' former self.
Up until about 2005 it was leased out to the operators of a trashy discount retail store.

The "Roof Garden" atop the Hotel Pennsylvania. Circa 1926

The Grill Room - Legend has it that this room, during the late hours, was converted to a "gaming" room for well to do patrons, and it's staff were trained to convert it back to an eatery in a matter of moments, should any of New York's Finest come by for an inspection.

The hotel and it's infamous MADHATTAN ROOM were Glenn Millerís home for about five years.

His famous "Pennsylvania 6-5000" is, to this day,  the Pennsylvania's primary phone number.

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