The Mount Washington Hotel - Bretton Woods - New Hampshire - Photography By E.B. Radovich

One of my "other" interests are classic, historic hotels and grand resorts. One of my favorite "grand" hotels is the Mount Washington Hotel located in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, surrounded by the White Mountains.

What makes these grand hotels so interesting is that many of them, were at one time, owned and operated by railroad companies.


The Mount Washington Hotel opened in 1902 near Mount Washington, in the town of Carroll.
The area is better known as Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, and includes the Bretton Woods ski resort nearby.

The Mount Washington Hotel and Resort is one of the last surviving, of only an original handful, of New Hampshire's grand hotels, which include the Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville Notch and The Mountainview in Whitefield.

Originally opened only in the spring, summer, and early fall, today the hotel is open year round.



In this room, off the hotel's lobby the Bretton Woods monetary conference took place in 1944, establishing, the World Bank.
The Mount Washington Hotel was chosen for this conference because of its location. The world was still at war. The White Mountains, on either side of the hotel made it easy to protect. The Hotel was also served by the Boston and Maine/Maine Central Railroads.

My lovely Wife Nannette and I sitting the in Conservatory, which has a magnificent view of Mount Washington.

From my post card collection, an interesting view of the backside of the Mount Washington Hotel taken sometime around 1910.

A view from the Summer of 1908.

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