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Amtrak LSA Artelle "Artie" Thorne. April 1990.
Artie has since retired and is currently working as an Attendant on the "Downeaster" between Portland Me. and Boston.  Ayah!


Conductor Bobby "Bubbles" Frazier.
This man saved my job. One night we were shoving a train off the old track 7 at Southampton Street Yard. After being notified by the Yardmaster that our train was released, derails down, and ready for the station, we conducted our brake test and called South Bay Tower for permission to head east towards South Station.
We began shoving east. In near pitch darkness, "Bubbles" observed a cardboard box which had been mysteriously  placed over the derail on the east end of the yard. As we approached the cardboard covered derail he threw the train into emergency and we stopped about 6 inches short of a very nasty derailment. Needless to say, if he hadn't dumped the train, we would have ended up all over the ground.


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