PAGE 143  - POSTED JANUARY 14, 2004

More photos from South Station/Boston Terminal Company.
These great photos were taken and submitted by Jack Clifford, who was employed by the Boston Terminal Company from 1945 to 1960.

Heavy reconstruction at South Station. This part of the station would eventually become what is now the ticket office, baggage room and "Club Acela" lounge.


The storied "suburban loop" track that was built beneath South Station for "suburban trains." Legend has it that the first (and only) steam powered train to use this tunnel filled it with steam due to the lack of ventilation and all hell broke loose. Passengers and crew ran for their lives amidst total chaos. The "loop" was kept out of service for future "electric" suburban train service similar to that out of New York City. The electric train service was never constructed and "the loop" was dormant for almost another century.

On the next page you'll see a series of photos of "the loop"  by Jack Clifford during the South Station reconstruction project in the late 1980's and early 1990's.


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