PAGE 150  - FEBRUARY 6, 2004

A visit with our friendly Train Dispatchers at the Penn Station Central Control.

Photos and story contributed by Jeffrey Stevens, the friendly voice of Penn Station Central Control (PSCC).

Jeff writes......"Here I have provided photos of our famous Amtrak Train Dispatcher, Vincent Civitillo. He was very happy and excited to be a feature on the "I Know a Railroad!" website, that is, if you want to use it."

Vinny’s close friends are locomotive engineers John Springer (editors note John Springer is my hero as well) and the recently retired Jimmy Dowd.

In the seventies and early eighties, Vinny was the Block Operator at Pelham Bay Tower and occasionally worked Market. When he bid assignments in Penn Station, and if he had the sympathy of a charitable Locomotive Engineer, he used to get dropped off at Mile Post 13 on his ride home......At the famous Parkchester apartments, where he used to live.

Vinny is most famous for his abrupt ways:
His most famous line is “follow your railroad!” He talks tough, but the real Vinny is not so tough.

This is Penn Station Central Control’s very own Vincent Civitillo (below).
 That’s CI-VI-TI-LLO for your Form D or Train Order. Vinny is otherwise known as Crusty-the-Train-Dispatcher.

Crusty in a happy moment (…and these don’t happen often) This photo is a popular item on the LIRR for a desktop background.

LIRR Yardmaster Nicholas Cipriano yelling at Crusty-the-Train-Dispatcher to make the move. These two decedents from the Italian Region of Bari never forgot their roots: They yell and scream at each other all day long, but in the end they can’t be without one another.


Editors Note: Thanks to Jeff Stevens for the great photos and interesting background on even more true all stars of the railroad. I guess the old time railroaders were right when they warned us years ago about working with railroaders who's last name ended in a vowel.


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