PAGE 172  - AUGUST 17, 2004

It's 1975 and the Amfleet are brand spanking new....And dig them new uniforms!!
 To the far left is former Boston LSA Johnny Morse and the redhead with the big smile is former Amtrak LSA/ OBS Supervisor Sue Whittemore. Sue ended up marrying another true legend of Boston railroading, his majesty Johnny Haigh.

Oh them Amfleet were a wonderful sight back in 1975, when they were brand new, even though their bodies were constructed to resemble a friggin' airplane fuselage and their amcafe/amclub series of cars helped sound the final death knell for dining car service and honest to goodness parlor cars on the Northeast Corridor.

Amfleet, F-40's and E-60's would be the workhorses of the Northeast Corridor for some time to come, and about 1/4 of a century after the above photo was taken, America would finally get it's first "high speed train."



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