PAGE 200  - APRIL 3, 2005


The voice of PSCC........Jeff Stevens is all smiles. Now everyone can associate the face with that infamous, unmistakable voice of the man who keeps the heavy traffic on the many tracks of New York's Pennsylvania Station moving right along.
Jeff is always ready and willing to assist crews with a wealth of information he has to provide, including whether the circus train from Washington DC is due in and what track it can be found on.

Here's a new arrival to our PSCC cast, its LIRR Console Operator (Train Dispatcher) Sebastian Toovey and he is the voice of Middle Tour (3:00pm-11:00pm).

Sebastion has since left the LIRR and has gone to work for Metro North as an RTC. He still wears his American Airlines shirt over at Grand Central.

Here's another heavy hitter from the heart of Penn Station Operations Center, Yardmaster Augustus Moore.

In Jeff Steven's own words........

"If you're working in yard service in Penn Station, New York, this man will be your boss.  He is Augustus Moore, the first trick yardmaster at Penn Station Central Control.  This is a man that can make a difficult job look easy.  Auggie hired with Penn Central as a block operator and advanced quickly to Train Director at A Tower.  Today, as yardmaster at Pennsylvania Station, New York he contemplates moves in his head faster than most people can plot them on paper. 

Here he is with a great smile.  I think he just got off the phone with girlfriend No. 4.  Nos. 3, 5 and 7 were on hold. "

(Editors note: It doesn't make any difference what craft they work, which division they work on or how many years of service they have, no matter where you go on the railroad, the railroad always has it's share of big Am-studs.")


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