PAGE 201  - APRIL 18, 2005

It's a depressing week on the NEC. The high speed trainsets have all been taken out of service due to possible disk brake issues and it seems as if someone has ripped the heart and soul out of the entire railroad.

It's Monday, April 18th, 2005 and my normal #2159 and #2166 are cancelled until further notice. We spent the day shuttling trainsets back and forth between Boston and Providence, RI.

No passengers at "The Route" for this train.
Passenger Extra 2021 makes a quick stop at Route 128 Station for a quick pantograph inspection, then on to Providence for storage.

Trainsets lined up on Track 2 just west of Providence Station. What a depressing sight.

Engineer Danny Larkin poses in front of one of the stored sets. Danny is usually in a foul mood and situations such as this just tick him off more.

We backed this set onto mainline track #2 at Atwells Interlocking, spotted the set, then tied her down for who knows how long.

 A depressed looking "high speed"  trainset sits on the west end of Providence Station platform.
It just doesn't seem right seeing these girls wasting away in no-mans land on a beautiful April afternoon, when they should be humming along the scenic "Shore Line Route" doing what they were designed to do, move people fast.



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