PAGE 202  - APRIL 20, 2005

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005 and my normal #2159 and #2166 are cancelled again, maybe for months.  Our crew was reassigned to road switching duties. Our mission: Run with the Switcher 535 light to Providence and drag all of the high speed trainsets into the Providence MOW Base for long term storage.

Engineer Scott Sprague and Assistant Conductor Janet Happnie pose before the beginning of our great adventure into the land of railroad unknown.


Full throttle out of the tunnel near Ruggles Street.


No passengers at "The Route" for this train either, but we had to make a quick pit stop so I could get some work shoes and a change of clothes. Those ugly grey uniforms don't cut it when you have to climb all over them trains and things.

Signal maintainers at West Mansfield.

Fancy meeting you here. The New Haven work train crew takes a well deserved break at the west end of the yard! Sal, Bob and Tony.

New Haven Work Train at the Providence MOW Base.

We made the hitch on the first set, set it up for tow, did a brake test and off we went to the MOW Base.

Shoving into Track 13 at the Providence Maintenance of Way Railroad Yard.

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