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Pawtucket - Central Falls Station - Rhode Island's very own Grand Central on a smaller scale!

Pawtucket Central Falls Station - Mile Post 189, was at one time considered by many to be one of the most beautiful stations on the New Haven Railroad.
Built by the New Haven Railroad in 1915.
A two-level, state-of-the-art facility that saw by as many as 70,000 passengers per month through WW2.
This beautiful station  was closed by the cash short New Haven in 1959.
Used In the 1980s by the Depot Flea Market, a portion of it is now home to a Pentecostal church.

The architects who designed this station chose Grand Central Terminal in New York City as a model for this once grand railroad station.

Westbound Amtrak Acela roars beneath old Pawtucket Station enroute to New York City, with Providence being the next stop in just a few moments. Many a visitor to this once beautiful station noted it's distinct similarities to Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal, 189 miles west of Pawtucket.


C&S Foreman John I. makes a quick phone call to the M.O.W. Base from the North Side Grand Staircase.


Pawtucket Station's "grand"  interior - 1920

Approximate same view of Pawtucket Station interior - 2005

According to the latest owners, their intentions are to level this once beautiful station to it's floor level and replace it with a strip mall or CVS as well as a parking garage and possibly a hotel. There has been some interest in restoring commuter rail service to this location, but the current owners feel that incorporating the present structure into such a scheme, without some sort of serious dollar commitment from the Feds and the State of Rhode Island makes such a proposal a mere fantasy.

The building is in a state of total disrepair. Bricks and concrete are falling off the exterior of the building. All the beautiful interior fixtures were stripped from the station years ago. The ceiling beams appear to be rotting away and a huge rubber tarp prevents rain from entering the building.

What a sad site indeed!

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