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Boston CTEC

The New England Dispatching Center, located on the 5th floor of South Station, Boston.

Here's a group of smiling, good natured, hard working railroad folks.
The Train Dispatchers and Power Directors.
We're glad they smile and have a good sense of humor, considering these poor souls are literally caught between a rock and a dark, hard place.

I am always amazed at how much patience and dedication these folks have. Besides having the stressful job of keeping trains moving safely and on time, they also have to deal with their not so fair share of whining from engineers, conductors, track supervisors, B&B foremen, etc., etc., and of course, their "fearless leader."

These CTEC "All Stars" do a great job dispatching the "Shore Line" between Boston (South Station) and New Haven, CT as well as the "Hartford Line" between Springfield MA and New Haven CT.
Our ol' MBCR pals (former Amtrak legends) dispatch several MBTA branches off the South Side's "Shore Line" as well as handling the "Old Colony" lines.

It doesn't make any difference what craft they work in, once there is word of a free meal watch out!

Former "Big A" LSA and now MBCR Train Dispatcher Franny Miller. We wonder how much he misses dealing with Cafe Cars?

The pride and joy of  CTEC, those gifted young men of the Boston CTEC Boys Choir!

Future CTEC Choir Boys in training at the Wilmington Delaware Training Facility

Here's our good pal Joe Dryer. He's a can do type of guy. No whining, No excuses. Just get the job done. What a great concept!


Boston "Chief" Pete Cleary on one of his better days.

Studdly Torosian with his million dollar smile!


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