PAGE  244  - JUNE 10, 2006

All Photos by New Haven Conductor Dan Gannon

The Boston Crew Base and the New Haven Crew Base have always had a very special love/hate relationship with each other. The New Haven "Savages" have been complaining about not having enough of their photos being posted on here so my good friend Dan Gannon sent along some for me to post.

Although we often refer to them as "New Haven Savages," they really are a good bunch of guys and gals, except, of course, when they're stealing work from us.  ;-)

Here are three good guys. New Haven Conductor Jim Reed on the left, Springfield Engineer Bob Aselin (who might as well be a New Haven Savage because he spends so much time down there on layovers) in the middle and Shore Line Work Train and certified Am-stud Engineer Joe McMann on the right

Joe McMann and Norman Lust in 1989.




New Haven Conductor and another certified Am-Stud Joe Cordova looks great in his new dress blues. Is it me or does it look like Joe has the jitters???

New Haven Conductor Rich Mulkeen looking like a Captain for a Boeing 777.


New Haven Conductor Kevin Smith.......Living proof why the late, great Boston Conductor Leo O'Donnell called the New Haven Crew Base "a bunch of savages."


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