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Amtrak #449, the Lake Shore Limited, departs South Station, Boston in 1979.

Conductor Steve "The Bones" Eldridge poses with my fellow Student of Don Bosco Technical High School, Frank San Severino, Class of '76.
Frank and I would walk a few blocks from the steps of Don Bosco to South Station after school to see what was up. Of course, that was on afternoons when we weren't subject to detention by the good Salesians of Don Bosco for our various antics....Such as instigating cafeteria riots, willfully participating in after school brawls with B.C. High nerds at Ashmont Station and causing Father Paul,  the head of the Language Sciences Department to have a minor heart attack.

St. Don Bosco

We were told time and time again that we were "special" students of  St. Don Bosco because he envisioned us and our school in some of his final dreams before passing. That was just fine and dandy until it came time for a real estate development firm's offer for the property Don Bosco Tech HS sat on. Then the Salesian community conveniently forgot about Don Bosco's dream and closed the school and sold off the property, turning their backs on the Youth of Boston and never looking back.
Close to 30 current New England Division and MBCR railroad employees attended Don Bosco Tech as well as a countless number of retirees.


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