PAGE  253  - AUGUST 26, 2006

Plenty of smiling going on here!

Yvette gave me a stack of photos recently from the 1990's that should surely bring back some fond memories for many of us.  Ahhh, those pre-Acela days, when men were men and and trains were made of steel!!! (And they could actually make it all the way to New York City!)

Dave Bowe as a Lead Service Attendant in his pre-computer days.

LSA's Horatio and Evelyn around 1995. All smiles, when they were indeed the good ol' days! Horatio should be smiling. He left the railroad to open up a bakery and became a millionaire.

It's Yvette, Horatio and Sharon. All smiles again. Remember the days way back when when you actually looked forward to going to work?


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