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 MORE.....The New Haven Railroad goes to war!!!


By the end of the War, 7315 brave employees of the New Haven Railroad served their country - 129 New Haven Railroaders made the ultimate sacrifice for their Country during World War 2. And home they came. Back to the railroad yards, railroad stations, towers, offices, shops, and all along the main lines and branch lines. Back to the New Haven Railroad.

WAVE Isabelle Betty Azzarito, daughter of New Haven Car Hostler Frank Azzarito.

Providence Brakeman
Henry L. Vadeboncouer in Germany near the end of the War.

Pvt. A. J. "George" Manseau, Engine Preparer, Boston, with his Wife and Daughter upon return from the War.

Worcester Car Knocker Ellsworth "Sunny" Edwards
checks out a captured German steam locomotive.

One of my mentors, Conductor William "Bill" Mullally, was a decorated veteran of World War 2.
Like most war hero's, Bill never really talked about his war experience, but we found out a few years after his passing that he was indeed a true hero, wrapped up right in the middle of the hell and mayhem. After World War 2, Bill went "braking" on the New Haven and a few years later, "re-upped" to fight in the Korean War.

Corporal Greg Azzarito, New Haven, CT

BM 2/C Walter B. Nye,
Cedar Hill

Private John Bigger Jr., ticket seller, Grand Central Station, with his Daughter Barbara.

Dick Joseph, Editor of
"Along the Line."

*All photos and other content on this page and the previous two pages came from editions of the
New Haven Railroad's
"Along The Line"
magazine, "published for the employees and friends of the New Haven Railroad."


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