PAGE  260  - SEPTEMBER 26, 2006

Fall 1988 - It's retirement day for Conductor Harvey Harvender, one of Southampton Street Yard's ex New Haven freight men who avoided passenger service as if it were the plague.  As a joke, Conductor Harvey will be given his "punch," still brand new and in its' original box.
There's 18 railroadmen in this photo, and by the end of this year (2006) three, maybe four, will still be working on the railroad, all the live-long-day. It's amazing how railroad time flies, and even more amazing how so many railroaders step into and out of our lives during our careers.........No matter who they were, what they did and why they left us, their spirit always lives on with us.

New Haven Ct. - 1976
I took this photo in July of 1976, on the return leg of my high school graduation celebration trip to Manhattan.
 It's Amtrak's "Senator" led by Penn Central GG1 #4891, with a "Pennsy-esque" accent stripe, about to be "head-pinned" with a matched set of E-8's about to take the helm on the head end.

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