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The "Canal Line" Crew.......
From an article in the October 1946 edition of
"Along The Line"
entitled "A DAY ON A WAY FREIGHT."

"There's no doubt about it - this way freight is a friendly job! The crew of the Canal Local enjoy their run....."

The "Canal Line" train left New Haven every morning around 9:45am to serve the industries on the "Canal" or Northampton Branch, as far as Plainville. Not only did the men know all their customers, but were also quite familiar with the New Haven's neighbors living along the right of way.

One of the "locals" comes out to greet "Biddy."

This day we are guests of Conductor "Ducky" Holmes......It was pouring rain most of the time - but the boys take that right in their stride, togged out in oilskin hats, rubber raincoats and boots, and a little rain doesn't bother them at all.

Conductor "Ducky" Holmes looks like he has his hands full with this crew.
Brakeman "Biddy" looks as if he's, ummm, a happy fella???

How many times do you think "Highball" has had his noggin knocked in the buggy???

Engineer Matthew O'Dea.
Now why didn't he have a nickname like the rest of his fellow crew members?

The "Canal Job" carried mostly heavy freight - steel, lumber and feed. It originated at the old Water Street Yard in New Haven, CT.  The "Canal Line" as a railroad is now but a railroad memory, but it lives on as a bike/recreational path.

"Passing Winchester's in Hamden."

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