PAGE  271  - DECEMBER 6, 2006

New Hires!

Dave Mellon, 2nd from left,  and Yvette. 4th from left, with their
new hire classmates on graduation day!


New Hire LSA class at old South Bay Yard, some time around 1985.
That's former LSA Debbie Mitzel on the far right.


New class of LSA studs ready to hit the high iron! Oh my! It's Tony Sanders kneeling on the far left and it's Richie Finase (rear right corner of table) and Steve Moreau (sitting on table).
Talk about talent!

Former Boston LSA Mary Cafasso walks with Train Chief Richie Haynes near the old South Bay Yard. There's the old "honey house" in the background. Oh what fond memories indeed!


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