PAGE  275  - DECEMBER 30, 2006

Photos from
"Berlin" Bill Sample

After much arm twisting and whining, I was finally able to get "Berlin Bill" to send us some of his great photos of the "Hartford Line."
Besides being a Railroad Agent at Berlin Station, Bill is also a Locomotive Engineer and as seen below, has quite an eye for photography as well.

A classic beauty........Berlin Station in the fall of 2006.
Photo by Bill Sample

The "Hartford Line" or "Springfield Line" as they now call it, is like the forgotten stepsister of the "Shore Line Route." Although the line is capable of carrying thousands of commuters (someday) and intercity passengers, the service this vital link between New York, New Haven and Hartford is regarded by some as an after thought. No matter what, the men and women who keep the Hartford Line alive and well are a very proud bunch. Maybe there's no 150 mph trains over there but there sure as heck is a lot of heart and soul!

Sperry Rail Car in Berlin working the high iron in the fall of 2006.
Photo by Bill Sample

Conductor Paul Fontineau poses in Berlin Station. 2006.
Photo by Bill Sample

When I saw this photo I thought....Wow. What a wonderful photograph!
 It looks like time has stood still here in Berlin, CT.
What a difference between Berlin and say, um, Providence or Route 128 Station?
Photo by Bill Sample


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