PAGE  276  - AUGUST 26, 2006

A mid 19th Century Boston and Providence Railroad passenger train approaches Canton, Massachusetts.
Can anyone direct me to the Cafe car please?
Years later, during the Canton Junction rehabilitation project, the small turntable used to turn the locomotive and tender was unearthed just a tad west of the station. Unfortunately, the contractor demolished the structure before anyone could consider saving it or even photographing it.

The New Haven's "Roger Williams" Budd Car departs South Station, Boston, passing the Fort Point Channel Bridge. Both the "Roger Williams" and the Fort Point Channel Bridge survived well into the Amtrak Era. The Bridge became scrap metal during the infamous "Big Dig" project and "Roger" survives somewhere.

Years later, Ol' Roger is now working for the Penn Central, passing through Forest Hills (Jamaica Plain) Massachusetts on its' way to Providence, Rhode Island. I spent the first seven years of my life right down the street (see below) from the above overgrade bridge on the Arborway in Jamaica Plain.

The first place I called home as it appears today, and not much has changed since 1958. The only thing missing is my Dad's 1946 Pontiac.
Boy was I a lucky little fella. Big railroad up the street. MTA streetcars, subway trains and trackless trolleys down the street and a Howard Johnson's Ice Cream shop across the street!
 My early claim to fame was eating the leaves from those trees and shrubs and on more than one occasion had to be taken to the hospital for being a human garbage disposal.

When I wasn't eating house plants, leaves and shrubs, I was eating ice cream or macaroni and cheese at the Howard Johnson's right across the street from our apartment in "JP."


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