PAGE  293  - MAY 24, 2007

Three handsome New Haven Fellas....Starting on the left its' Kevin Sweeney, with Billy Rothbard in the middle and Albie Gargulio on the right.

Christmas Eve 1984 on train # 94. Yours truly in red, with my mentor Conductor Bill Mullaly behind me, and behind Bill, that legend of the First Street Yard "puzzle switch" Harry Swain.  On the far right is Eddie Monahan.

Three more New Haven legends....Conductor Sal Alfone on the left, Joe Moran on the right and that's the one and only Conductor Georgie Goss in the back giving the "hang loose" sign. All good guys indeed.

It's retirement party time on the railroad and all of the legends, both proclaimed and self proclaimed, have showed up for the big night. It's our ol' pal Stevie Parker on the left, next to "GQ" looking Jack O'Brien, who's discussing the facts of railroad life with Carol with a "K" and Conductor Davie Fowkes. In the foreground we see former Conductor Sharon chatting with former LSA Michelle and on the far right we see now retired Locomotive Engineer "Big Steve" Mullaly.

Time does fly when you're having fun!


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