PAGE  301  - SEPTEMBER 1, 2007

Conductor Charlie Bell's Retirement Day from Southampton Street Yard.
All photos (except Colonel Klink) by Conductor Bob Chessia

Charlie's Hero
Colonel Klink

"The parallels between his leadership and decision making skills and theirs are striking"


Our pal Charlie.
Dry sense of humor. Witty.
And a class act.
A plain ol' good guy.

Charlie and Bob

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Vinny Mercuri (on the far right) looks all choked up as retired Locomotive Engineer Paul "Lovie" Fowkes poses with Charlie. Vinny is probably having nightmares wondering which all star will replace Charlie as the Conductor on their yard crew.

Charlie looks like the one in a state of shock as he receives a token of appreciation from our beloved
Local Chairman Joe Motte.

Here's Yardmaster Dave Tolman sampling Charlies cake. Yes, Dave, you may be the one Tolman who "didn't make it in life" but you're still number one in our hearts!

Jack and Vinny seem to be enjoying themselves as they watch the festivities.

"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives."
- Euripides, Greek playwrite


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