PAGE  307  - NOVEMBER 4, 2007

Here he is, in all of his glory, the railroad's answer to Dick Clark........It's Conductor Johnny Haigh, the eternal teenager and total class act. This photo was taken by Janie Luby some time in the mid-1980's, when most railroaders still knew how to smile and always seem to have that special twinkle in their eyes....Something you don't see very much nowadays.

New Haven Conductor Chip Healy on the left, confers with Conrail - Metropolitan Division Road Foreman John in the cafe. John came off as a bit of a b???-buster but in real life he was a helluva guy.  He was one of these guys who was more interested in keeping trains and people moving than busting chops over nonsense. A honest to goodness railroadman.
Photo by Janie Luby, sometime in the mid-1980's.


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