PAGE  310  - DECEMBER 17, 2007

My word! I can't believe my eyes! It's one of those extremely rare occasions when a Locomotive Engineer (Dan O'Brien) shakes off the cobwebs in his pocket and pulls out his bankroll in order to contribute to a good cause (John Sweeney's sons baseball team).

It's 1980 and the westbound Amfleet equipped Yankee Clipper departs Route 128 Station - on time. The AmCafe/AmClub are on the tail end of the train. A deteriorating Green Lodge Street bridge can be seen just between the second and third head cars. Low level platforms. Windshield grills protect the Engineer and Fireman from projectiles thrown at or dropped on their locomotive.  What a difference 27 years can make!

Passing through Bridgeport, CT on the headend of Acela #2164 - July 2005


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