PAGE  315  - JANUARY 20, 2008

Back in the good ol' days.... Here we find our Yardmaster Mark Gorham over in the old shack beneath old Tower One back in the early 1980's.

Here's Mark with the South Station (Boston Terminal Co.) crew....

It's Conductor Jack Carr, Hostler Dan Paulicelli, Engineer John "Shipwreck" Kelly, Engineer Dan "Doctor Dirt" Luzon, Yardmaster Mark Gorham, Engineer Rich Wolstoncroft, at So. Sta. Terminal Yard, around 1981.

Same look, just a decade and a half later and we find Mark over at the cozy ol' Yardmaster's office at the still fairly new Southampton Street Yard in Boston. The bad conductor or engineer would have to sit in the seat to the right, just in front of the yardmaster's desk. The good guys could go up to "Aces" or the "QM" as long as they were back in time to shove #67 over to South Station.

Below,  we find a classic photo from Mark's collection, the lead control car on the head end of the first train wreck in the "new" Back Bay Station.

From left to right, we have Conductor Paul "Comrade" Bubruczyski, Locomotive Engineer Stevie Mullaly, Locomotive Engineer Bob Maxwell and on the far right, Locomotive Engineer Paul "Lovie" Fowkes. A great bunch of Southampton Street Yard lads indeed.

Photo by Mark Gorham


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