I receive a lot of requests from "rails" about railroad radio frequencies. I am not into listening to railroad chatter once I leave the property, in fact, once my train arrives back in Boston, I shut the radio off and forget about it.

For those of you who have scanners and enjoy listening to railroad two way ranting and raving, here is a current list of "Shore Line" and Southern New England area railroad radio frequencies.




Base Portable Railroad Location Use
160.9200   Amtrak   Road
160.3200   Amtrak Boston  
160.4550   Amtrak Boston Car Inspectors
160.6950   Amtrak   Signal Maintainers
160.8750   Amtrak Boston Yard
161.2950   Amtrak   Police
161.2050   Amtrak   Police
161.5650   Amtrak Boston  
160.3050   Bay Colony  
160.8000   CSX   Road - former Conrail Lines
161.0700   CSX Boston Yard
161.1300 160.7100 CSX Boston PBX
160.5600   CSX   Police
160.6800   CSX Boston Police Car-to-Car
161.1600 161.5200 Guilford   Dispatcher
160.6200   Guilford   Road & Dispatcher
160.3800   Guilford   MofW
160.2300   Guilford   Police
160.2600 161.2500 Guilford   Police former B&M Lines
161.2350   Guilford   Police Car to Car
161.3700   Guilford   MofW former B&M Lines
161.3100   Guilford Billerca Yard
161.4000   Guilford Billerca Yard
160.4400   Guilford Billerca Crew van
160.3500   Guilford Boston Police
160.3200   MBTA Boston  
160.5900   MBTA Boston  
161.4900   MBTA Boston Road - Old Colony Division
160.6500   PWRR   Road Ch 1
161.1000   PWRR   Road Ch 2
160.7400   PWRR   MofW Ch 1
160.8900   PWRR   MofW Ch 2
160.7550   PWRR   Police
161.3250   PWRR Worcester Yard


Base   Railroad
160.9200   Amtrak Road Channel east of New Haven and Hell Gate Line
161.4150   Connecticut Southern  
160.6950   Essex Valley  
161.4000   Guilford  
160.5450   Metro North New Haven Line -  NRO (CP216) to Division Post
161.2050   New England Central  
160.6500   Providence and Worcester